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Aug 2016 – now
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Coral Reef Senior High School
Jan 2008 – Dec 2012

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2012 – 2015
Kenyatta University
2007 – 2011
Florida International University
2003 – 2006
Miami Beach High School

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Air Quality Control in Newland Student name University Name of professor Submission date List of Criteria Air Pollutants for Newland The Clean Air Act requires EPA to set National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for the six comm...

Topic: Effectiveness of Kumon Teaching Method 1. Introduction 2. Why Kummon is an effective method in teaching mathematics. 3. Why Kummon is not an effective method in teaching mathematics. 4. Summary of the pros and cons of Kumon method 5. Works ci...

1. Table of Contents 2. Capstone Proposal Summary 3. Review of Other Works 4. Rationale of the project 5. System Analysis and methodology 6. Goals and Objectives 7. Project Deliverables 8. Project Plan and Time Lines 9. Works Cited

Introduction In every community or society, there are laid down rules, regulations or laws that govern people’s code of conduct. These laws (Shariah) are instituted with the aim of keeping / maintaining a certain order. Therefore looking at this to...

However, human beings have misunderstood hence misinterpreted the laws which are meant for their guidance. The human kind has taken the outward meaning of the law instead for the inner meaning; which is more spiritual than physical. This is why shar...

Introduction An individual's ability to comprehend text is influenced by their traits and skills, one of which is the ability to make inferences. If word recognition is difficult, students use too much of their processing capacity to read indivi...

Three tier vocabulary words Several theories of vocabulary instruction exist, namely, one focused on intensive instruction of a few high value words, one focused on broad instruction of many useful words, and a third focused on strategies for learnin...

The final vocabulary technique, strategies for learning new words, can be further subdivided into instruction on using context and instruction on using morphemes, or meaningful units within words to learn their meaning. Morphemic instruction has be...

In the 1980s Annemarie Sullivan Palincsar and Ann L. Brown developed a technique called reciprocal teaching that taught students to predict, summarize, clarify, and ask questions for sections of a text. The use of strategies like summarizing after e...

"Instructional conversations", or comprehension through discussion, create higher-level thinking opportunities for students by promoting critical and aesthetic thinking about the text. According to Vivian Thayer, class discussions help stu...

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good writer!
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Only just a few grammar mistakes, content is good. If divided into more paragraphs, the content will be better. Thank you.
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May 19, 2018 02:51

thanks so much !
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well done
BHack 2 (1K)
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May 13, 2018 20:33

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