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Is unique & high-quality content from native writers a priority for you? But you do not have the time to extract a good written copy? To serve such requirements, Contentmart offers customized solutions that can serve any complex need & budget.

With a pool of industry professionals, our content writing services make sure that your requirement is completely served with the exact amount of talent, which can justify the purpose of content creation. For every written need to be served professionally, our writers invest skills and industry experience to make sure that nothing less than excellence is delivered at the most competitive prices.

Along with quality, our writers add research, facts and details that can add value to every word written and the amount of influence it pours over the target audience. To let you gain a competitive edge and inform, educate & attract the desired audience, our wordsmiths assure that whatever they pen down is of maximum benefit to you.

Our professional developers are experts from different industries and thus picking up a proficient native Australian freelancer is very simple & easy. With portfolios and past working samples, you can easily judge the best writer for you and your company.


Our native freelance Australian writers offer a variety of writing styles including, business writing, web writing, articles, blogs, travelogues, case studies, whitepapers, academic papers, etc. Keeping in mind the type of target audience, our writers develop the exact style of written material you require.

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They are carefully picked up by our selection panel. They are selected on the basis of one-on-one interview, multiple parameter evaluation and relevant experience. They come with high-quality content delivery assurance.



Catherine Z. 
Freelance Writer, Editor & Qualified Nurse

Writers are vessels pouring forth concepts to contribute to others' lives.

SNAPSHOT:  As a Contentmart freelancer, I am experienced in researching, editing & writing creative projects. I'm also busy working around the clock as a qualified nurse who enjoys pets, sunshine, fair deals & music. 

AUDIENCE:  Bid proposals with rate quotes & time 'estimates' for completing work are based on a mutually beneficial arrangement - that's flexible. 

Production of blogs, articles, flyers on a broad range of topics (<1500 words) include:

*Product Descriptions

I've contributed as a citizen journalist on the old 'Helium' website, as well as Wordpress with creative blogs. 

'Read only' samples:;
Google + Catherine Zgolak, Freelance Writer;
& 'Freelancer', Catherine Zgolak, Writer.

All messages/payments are via Contentmart/chatbox. Requesting additional samples, interviews & personal emails is viewed as 'offsiting' according to Terms and Conditions. 
Rest assured, deliverables are guaranteed to impress.

PAYMENT:  All my awarded projects (via msg box) are officially uploaded as soon as 'completed'-after being closely assessed in accordance with Contentmart's embedded checks: 
1. SEO, 
2. plagiarism, 
3. grammar, 
4. spelling. 

Please bear in mind that successful 'delivery' also depends on the following: adequate production time and employer's acceptance% rate- with the majority of employers appreciating the final result. In the rare event of not being 100% satisfied, drop an explanatory line to administration and make application for a refund.