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healthy lifestyle tips for kids
1. Food is Fun… Enjoy your food Sharing a meal with family and friends at home or at school is a great way to enjoy food. It is fun to see other people’s choice of food - what do your friends eat? Do you try different foods every day? Check out your lunch box or dinner plate. How many different kinds of fruit and vegetables can you spot? 2. Breakfast is a very important meal Just like cars, buses and trains cannot run without fuel, our bodies need energy to work. Especially after a night’s sleep, energy levels are low. So, whether you are off to school, or out and about at the weekend, start the day with breakfast. Plenty of carbohydrates is just the ticket: try toast or bread, or cereal with milk, fruit or yoghurt. 3. Eat different foods every day, variety is the recipe for health You need over 40 different nutrients (such as vitamins and minerals) every day for good health. Since there is no single food that contains them all, it is important to balance your daily choices. In fact there are no good or bad foods, so you do not need to miss out on the foods you enjoy. The best way to make sure you get the right balance is to eat a wide variety of foods each day. 4. Which group would you tip for the top? Base your food on carbohydrates About half the calories in your diet should come from carbohydrate foods, such as cereals, rice, pasta, potatoes and bread, so it is a good idea to include at least one of these at every meal. Try whole grain bread, pasta and other cereals to give you extra fibre. Have you tried baking your own bread? It’s good fun and smells wonderful! 5. Gimme five! Eat fruits and vegetables with each meal and as tasty snacks! Fruits and vegetables are among the most important foods for giving us enough vitamins, minerals and fibre. We should all try to eat at least 5 servings a day. For example, a glass of fruit juice at breakfast, perhaps an apple and banana as snacks and two vegetables at meal times. Then you have already reached your total. How many different kinds can you spot in the supermarket? Why not try some new ones? 6. Fat facts. Too much fat is not good for your health Eating too many of those fatty foods (such as fried potatoes, fried meats and sausages, pies and pastries) might not be so good for your body. Also go easy on fat spreads such as butter and margarines. Although we need some fats to get all the nutrients we need, it is better for our health if we don’t eat too much of these foods and get knocked off balance. So, if you have a high-fat lunch, see if you can have a low-fat dinner at home.

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business technology trends for 2016
There’s a strong case to be made that Silicon Valley and nearby San Francisco have become the center of the world, displacing even New York and London. That’s because the computer industry is centered there, and technology currently is the number one force that is changing the business landscape. Even if a business has nothing to do with technology, it is strongly influenced by the trends that emerge from the Valley. Not only are the tools changing, so are the business processes as a result of new technology such as mobile, cloud computing and wearables. Technology trends Ever-evolving and adaptive technology is driving and transforming business every day. Businesses that want to thrive are in a constant race to adapt and take advantage of these technologies while they’re still relevant and useful, or otherwise these businesses eventually will fall by the wayside. Here are six technology trends that businesses will have to embrace to stay ahead of the game. Payments get even easier While every business today accepts credit cards, and even Grandma is getting savvy about transferring money via Paypal, the friction of making payments is going to be reduced even further in 2016. With Apple Pay, Google Pay and a litany of mobile payment solutions flooding the market, the trend is toward making payments as easy as a click of a smartphone button, reversing transactions just as easy and sending automatic invoices by email a snap. Right now this definitely is a business-led technology trend. Only 17 percent of consumers in a recent study said they pay for items using a smartphone most of the time, and adoption rates are low according to almost every study. But research firm, Gartner, predicts that the mobile payment industry will be worth $270 billion in transactions by 2017, up from $235 billion in 2014. That and a forward-thinking strategy has led businesses and technology firms to make a massive push for consumer adoption and the future of payments. Earlier this year, Google bought Softcard for its Google Pay solution. Samsung acquired LoopPay, and turned it into Samsung Pay. Paypal bought Paydiant in March for much of the same reason. And, of course, there’s Apple Pay, which the company says currently accounts for two out of every three dollars spent using contactless payments. In terms of merchant adoption, almost every day a new major retailer the likes of Target and Best Buy announces it’s now supporting one new payment system or another. Security becomes nonnegotiable No business leaves its doors unlocked at night, but the dirty little secret is that most businesses and their cloud service providers have been playing loose and fast with digital security.

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Taking Care
Fast lives, hectic schedules, ever growing desires and on top of that chemically damaging products that many a times are fake, do I need to explain more about today’s situation? We are living in an ever growing world and every individual is bent over backwards to achieve success in life. Sometimes this success demands for hours of work, higher qualification, constant travelling, working under great amount of stress and sometimes all of this at the same time. Due to these reasons we tend to neglect our physical condition. We become more focused towards our goals that we many times ignore that price our bodies are paying. Depleting calcium in bones, blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, joint aches, weight gain are few of the many problems that today we are facing due to neglecting our body needs. To cope up with these problems we resort to chemical products which may or may not be genuine or helpful. These chemical products are not only expensive but also have side effects. They may cure one problem and give birth to new one. Due to fast lives we just eat instant food and that leads to obesity and obesity leads what not! We have to understand that in long run maintaining our body is one of the most important demand of success. Proper healthy diet is a must for every individual. Eating organic products is a solution to both time saving and maintaining health. Organic products like fruits, vegetables and some products made from them are tasty, easily digested and cause no side effects. They have no unhealthy fat and hence keep you fit. Instead there are many organic fruits that help in weight reduction like pineapple. Say you have an important meeting in the morning so the night before just bring some fruits for your breakfast. Not only they are delicious and healthy but they are also light and do not cause any problem for your stomach. Having a salad for your lunch before any important event keeps you light and focused towards your goal.
Do we need a hair dryer for short hair? (Only a sample of writing technique. Rights reserved by owner of content)
The short answer is ‘yes’. It’s like asking ‘Do smaller fish need to breathe water like the bigger ones?’ If you are looking for reasons to avoid blow-drying your hair, there are many, but the size of your hair is not one of them. Usually, people get short hair for one reason and it has something to do with their face mostly. Think of your face as an artwork in a gallery. Just like we frame the artwork, our hair is the frame to our face. Notice that the artists change the frame of an artwork to draw the observers’ attention to different parts of it. Similarly, we try different hair styles to bring attention to different aspects of our face. It is absolutely nonsexist, as we have dudes with long hair, ladies with short and vice-versa. We get a certain hairstyle so we can enhance the best features of our face. The tremendous amount of skepticism regarding the use of blow dryers can be understood. Because besides the obvious drying and styling, blow dryers can make your hair dull and frizzy. But the hair drying technology has evolved over time. It is more about the texture of the hair rather than the size. The side-effects of a hair dryer can be minimized by first finding out, ‘which hair dryers are best for your hair?’ and ‘At what frequency you should use them?’ Whether it’s the Abigail, the Jane, the Fiona, the Eva or the Shalimar; none of these beautiful hairdos (all short) can be achieved and maintained without a hair dryer and flat/curling irons. To further reduce any remaining side-effects of even the hair dryer suitable for you, there are many damage-repair and masking products that you can use before and after you have treated your hair with heat. Everybody has bad hair days, even people with considerably short hair. So, unless you want to look like a hobo, I will suggest you grab yourself a good hair dryer and a brush.
Hair care we all should know of (Only a sample of writing technique. Rights reserved by owner of content)
Hairs are fragile, we see signs of damage whenever they are left unattended for extended periods of time. Most experts argue that the best way to healthy hair is to wash them less often and stay away from styling tools. All of us will agree when I say, clean hair is nonnegotiable and who does not want their hair to sway in style? We have strong feelings for our hair styling tools and we spend hours in salons trying to get it right. Advancing on the matter, we are going to discuss the top products that will reverse the damage to your hair and keep them healthy too. 1. Restorative Shampoo: We all have shampoos and conditioners in our bathrooms. Restorative shampoos, however, they are different. They clean the scalp, and at the same time have ingredients to thicken hair and seal split ends. 2. Leave-in conditioner: Leave-in conditioners might seem like an unnecessary additional step, but professionals think they are crucial. Especially, if you brush your hair often and/or they are thin and need more volume. 3. Heat protective spray: We love our blow dryers. They give us all the style we need but they operate at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and that is at optimal use. Heat can damage your hair and that is why we need a product which masks hair from heat. That revolutionary product is the heat protective spray. 4. Dry Shampoo: It is safe to say that most of us do not wash our hair every day and most hairstylists agree that it's a good thing. While Fewer washes mean a healthier scalp and softer ends, it can also mean a greasy scalp. Dry shampoo is our best friend because it gets rid of the oil in our heads at the same time adding volume to it. 5. A gentle ceramic round brush: A good round brush teamed with a salon quality blow dryer can eliminate the need for a flat iron on a typical day. In addition to that, They are great if you want curly or bouncy waves. 6. Deep conditioner: The virtue of having a deep conditioner is immense. A good deep conditioner does a more thorough damage repair and it is wise to use it at least once a week. It can really take away dryness and damage for days leaving a smooth coating on the hair. It also covers splits temporarily. There are also many oils available that keep you hair smooth, frizz free and the ends polished. But, none of these products is a substitute for another. They are all required to validate hair recovery and health.
Hair Disasters to avoid: (Only a sample of writing technique. Rights reserved by owner of content)
Everyone wishes for shiny, gorgeous hair but why are we failing to achieve this apparently simple task? Odds are that you are making one or most like many of these hair care mistakes. 1. Not untangling before washing: Your strands get weaker and easily snarled once they are wet. In spite of brushing your hair before a wash, most prefer to do the opposite. Brushing your hair before makes them more manageable during the wash. 2. Washing hair every day: Being a clean-freak is not good in every situation. If you wash your hair every day, they get ripped-off of the natural oils your head gives rise to. These natural oils moisturize your locks. The best technique to take advantage of this process is to wash your hair every other day and to only rinse, or at most, condition them the other days. 3. Not using a heat protector: Heat protecting sprays & creams are miracle workers, yet we use our heat treatment tools without even wondering what these temperatures can do to them. It is advisable to use a heat protecting product and still be using your heat tools at the warm setting, instead of hot. TIP: heat protecting ‘sprays’ spread more evenly on dry hair. 4. Not using hair products according to you hair-type: If you use specialized products right from your shampoo and all the way down to your hair spray, you will get much more flattering results. Because these products are combined with the nutrients your hair need. Always try to find out the best fit for your hair type. 5. Mixing hair sprays & styling tools: Hair sprays have alcohol in them which fries your hair when it comes in contact with the heat your styling tools generate. Always use hair sprays as a finishing touch to styled hair. 6. Skipping regular hair-cuts: If you believe hair experts, you will find that hair-cuts have a shelf life of maximum 4-6 weeks. Regular hair-cuts make sure that your hair gets the nourishment from your skull evenly distributed, they always stay in shape, and you get rid of split-end by trimming them.
Yoga: The present day solution for fitness and health
The modern science is finally catching up with Indian sages and saying yes to Yoga for the upcoming fitness mantra for healthy mind, body and soul. Fight anxiety with yoga: Yoga is the way to relive anxiety if practiced religiously every day. The present day work pressure on people of all age groups has succeeded in bringing premature hormone problems, ageing and all the deadly diseases silently killing the peace and good health of its victims. No medicines give a permanent cure and also instil and aggravate the side effects which are more if not equally dangerous to the existence of human beings. Chemical and biological hazards are equally on rise due to usage and production to both nature and mankind. Oxygenating the body cells to fight diseases with yoga: The only way to fight the present day health problems of man is by reverting back to age old yoga practices and natural remedies. The simple anulom vilom yoga pranayam for instance gives enough oxygen to the bedridden patient to normal youngster and helps each and every cell with enough oxygen to combat its defect and work efficiently thereby causing even dreadful diseases like cancer even to vanish miraculously. Baby Yoga: A new concept -Yoga helps the children to be more flexible -It helps them to focus more -it helps them to combat stress and anxiety related problems -gives them an alternative to throwing tantrums and crying -it helps them to develop the skills of resolving problems -body awareness, space awareness and mindfulness are qualities that develop in kids due to yoga practices -Many behavioural and development issues are miraculously resolved by yoga practices -the bonding between parents and kids improves. -It is a relaxation exercises which improves the health of mother, father and the kids thereby relaxing all. -Even autistic children have benefitted by regular breathing yoga exercises and have come off medications. Yoga for a peaceful mind and good sleep: Restorative yoga prepares the body for restful sleep by settling the nervous system and thus a good sleep ensures body and mind fitness thereby ensuring good health. Yoga for fitness freaks and athletes: Yoga tightens one’s torso, trims belly fat and also helps in creating wonderful abs. A dream for all fitness freaks and all who desire to look fit and fine is achieved by practicing yoga religiously. Working in a gym may make you hungrier and if not practiced regularly may make u disproportionate...but yoga has no such side effects. It has no temporary benefits like aerobics or working out in a gym or any athletic activity....Its effects are positive and long standing.