Basics of SEO - Part 2

By definition, SEO or search engine optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine’s results. Obviously, Google is the most popular and therefore the most important search engine nowadays, so dancing to Google’s beat and paying close attention to search engine marketing is what makes or breaks many entrepreneurships. Even if you’re not too tech-savvy, you can logically conclude that free marketing is the best kind of marketing. Search engine marketing is essentially free, but ranking a website highly might cost a lot if the industry you’re in (niche, as internet marketers love to refer to it) is saturated – this is because firms that specialize in search engine optimization find it incredibly hard to rank a website highly on the first page of Google’s search results if the competition is fierce. Let’s start with the basics – we don’t need anything but common sense to deconstruct and understand the core principles of SEO. Since we live in a technological age and since internet has become an integral part of our lives, most of us look online for solutions to our problems. If you need to get your car fixed, instead of consulting the yellow pages you might simply ask google about the best car mechanics in your area and get your answer in a matter of seconds. Same goes for any sort of inquiry a person may have. These inquiries are called keywords within the industry. Essentially, a keyword is what the user searches for. It can be anything and, as you already know, whatever you type in the search bar thousands upon thousands of different webpages come up in results. Google (or any other search engine) has to somehow determine which of these pages answer the searches question. Once Google’s set of web crawlers determines the value of a certain webpage it finds a place for it in the list of search results. Naturally, the best page (in Google’s eyes) gets rewarded with the number 1 spot in the list of search results. Why is it important to rank highly in a search engine’s unpaid results? The answer is obvious: the higher you rank, the more people visit your website and the more people visit your website, the more potential customers you have and – the more money you make.

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